The Pavilion



Just 5 minutes from Durban on the N3, with an average of 1.8 million visitors, turnovers in excess of R 2.3 billion; The Pavilion remains the premier shopping and entertainment destination in the Kwa-Zulu Natal province.

If you are looking for Fun, Food and Fashion, all under one roof, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, owned by Pareto Limited, has the widest choices and exclusive selections in KwaZulu-Natal.

With more than 230 shops including 14 jewellery outlets and over 40 restaurants, an amusement Area, Skate park and 12 Cinemas there’s lots to keep you busy. With Fun, Food and Fashion in mind, The Pavilion constantly keeps abreast of retail and consumer trends, introduces innovative facilities in and around the Centre for the enjoyment of our customers and our tenants maintain a strong focus on service excellence. This unique combination of Fun, Food, Fashion and Facilities has ensured The Pavilion’s success over the last 15 years.

The Pavilion has an ingrained culture of professionalism and a tradition of integrity which ensures that we act responsibly to all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, shareowners and the community. In order to offer this premier service we are not only obliged but compelled to make sure your visit is safe and secure and in saying that made security a priority


Recently a decision was taken to upgrade our security technology within the shopping centre as a result of continually malfunctioning and outdated equipment together with the ever increasing vandalism and risk of armed robberies & car theft.

We firstly established a design team that consisted of ADI international (a leading supplier of security technology brands), Axis (IP video surveillance manufacturer) and our management team in order to clearly outline our safety comprehensive system design to be married to this in order to obtain the desired result.

Of all the criteria, it was established most importantly that the solutions should work on one common back bone, be open platform for easy integration of 3rd party systems and limit the risk of technology redundancy. As a result the following technology was chosen.

The Technology:


22A High Speed redundant Fibre Optic 2 gigabit backbone

22Managed switches

22Power of Ethernet (POE) infrastructure to incorporate all edge devices, both access control controllers, readers and video surveillance cameras

Video Surveillance:

2221 Axis IP video Surveillance camerasManaged switches

22Milestone video surveillance software

22Servers, 5 Workstations

22Viewing in 2 control rooms

Access Control:

22Impro IXP 220 IP access control system

221 Server, 1 take on station

222 Door controllers

224 readers

Systems are seamlessly integrated for easy video verification & identification of access events.

The design was translated into a formal tender whereby suppliers recommended a number of certified system integrators whom were invited to submit their bids.

The tenders were evaluated on:
1. Service delivery to other clients
2. Industry experience, ability to provide details on experience in retail
3. BBBEE with the most recent accredited BEE Certificate
4. IP Video Surveillance & IP Access Control experience
5. Overall costs.
6. Value adds.


As a result of their complete offering and meeting of the criteria above we are proud to have chosen TVMS as our preferred supplier & integrator of the new security technology solution and maintenance service going forward.

In addition to the above and the successful deployment of the technology TVMS displayed:

22A focus on the value adds, including enabling Pavilion to obtain better equipment warranties i.e. 3 years)

22The use of a TVMS quality assurance program (Security Technology Standards Program: STSP)

22Its quality & expertise in large installations

22Its credible relationship with world class service providers thus limiting the risk to the Pareto business

22Quality of their people

22Innovation & willingness to always keep us abreast of leading technology with free upgrades & free POC’s.

22World class after sales service



We have are completely satisfied with the solutions deployed and have now provided greater safety & security for our patrons and would therefore not hesitate to recommend TVMS to any organisation seeking the same results we have received.

Should you have you require any further information please contact the writer.

Shaun Ackerman:
Operations Manager