Outsourced Monitoring


Off Site Monitoring:

Securing Your Assets While You Are Not There!

Nothing is more vital to your company’s success than the ability to protect its assets. For this reason more and more organisations are utilizing sophisticated security systems to effectively monitor and manage their buildings, people and processes. Using the most up to date technology and transmission equipment we are able to remotely monitor and protect your assets via CCTV at your offices, retail stores, delivery vehicles, trains, buses, practically any asset.

Off Site Monitoring is ideal for construction, commercial buildings, retail, transport and much more. Using triggered monitoring, your building is secured without having to have security guards on site. Your existing alarm system is linked to our transmission and CCTV equipment and via ADSL our highly trained CCTV operators watching your site.
No more sleepy guards!


 No more false alarm calls in the middle of the night!
When the alarm is triggered the CCTV operator situated in a remote control room is alerted with footage of what has triggered the alarm. The operator then contacts the necessary emergency services i.e. Police, Armed Response and yourself is it is indeed an alarm situation.

In retail, the system includes a point of sale application which allows you to record visually every item which is charged for. The system integrates with your current POS till system and allows you and our operator to monitor exactly what has been rung up. No more over and under ringing! You are also able to retrieve product specific footage. I.e. all barone’s sold in a day, week or month confirm stock take figures.

Transport applications allow your delivery vehicles, company cars, trucks, buses, trains etc to be monitored.

22No more petrol pilfering,

22No more unauthorised stops on delivery routes,

22No more suspicious or phony hijackings.

The system is installed on the vehicle with covert cameras. On arriving back on site all footage is downloaded automatically and ready to be verified. Live monitoring is also available via GSM.


22Protection of People, Stock and Assets

22Early warning system: Armed Robberies and Burglaries

22Access Control

22Virtual Security Guard Patrols

22Eliminates Collusion

22Undisclosed monitoring centre

22Provides Evidence

22View your premises from anywhere in the world

22Consolidate security for multiple branches

22Cost Effective – Why security guards?


By using either your existing or new CCTV system & cameras coupled with our EVM system will enable:

22Video motion and intrusion DETECTION

22ALARM activation

22Video RECORDING & storage

22Alarm & video TRANSMISSION to our monitoring centre

22Where skilled TVMS operators VERIFY the activations and

22Initiate ACTION by armed response, police, fire or emergency services

22A comprehensive LOG of the above events are stored by our monitoring centre


22Modular configurations to suit you

22Initiate ACTION by armed response, police, fire or emergency services

224 or 10 camera systems including Recording and Transmission Hardware


TVMS provides suitably trained and experienced monitoring staff for clients requiring decentralised also known as “On site monitoring” staff. TVMS manages these staff and provides unique & vital audit procedures that allow for the combination of technology and human monitoring to work effectively. We enable clients to receive proactive monitoring with analysis and real time response in combating shrinkage, process failure, damages and even prevent possible loss of life.

CCTV cameras alone are not enough but together with on-site monitoring it works effectively. By providing the complete electronic security solution including a state of the art Digital CCTV system with specialised monitoring staff with duties that include: the complete auditing of stock received & dispatched via live & recorded video counts, on floor theft, occupational health & safety as well as productivity has once again produced amazing results. See Barloworld case study.

Shrink Reduction IN

22Theft or pilfering

22Live & recorded audit counts and variances to way bills

22Incidents of overloading

22Health and safety breaches

22Process non-compliance

22Incidents reports & productivity measurements

Through our highly secure Central Monitoring Center (CMC), TVMS provides national off site video surveillance services to clients. This service enables the client’s premises to be secured remotely and provides immediate reports on irregularities ensuring the client’s premises, staff , and assets are protected through the use of smart analytical tools and processes tailor made to each requirement.