On-site Live Monitoring

A new concept in shrinkage control has been developed at Barloworld Logistics. As logistics companies continuously try to increase their profitability & service levels in an ever more competitive market a need has arisen for which TVMS has developed and achieved remarkable results for its clients. CCTV cameras alone are not enough but together with on-site or off-site monitoring it works effectively. By providing the complete electronic security solution including a state of the art Digital CCTV system with specialised monitoring staff with duties that include: the complete auditing of stock received & dispatched via live & recorded video counts, on floor theft, occupational health & safety as well as productivity has once again produced amazing results.

Barloworld Case Study

Barloworld Logistics was appointed by PEP a division of PEPCOR Retail limited, to manage there distribution network, in South Africa and in the BLNS countries. Barloworld logistics currently manages 11 distribution centres on behalf and are responsible for all functions within 1784 stores (Pep & Ackermans) are being serviced via this network. The shift in PEPCOR’s trading commodities from textile into home-ware, glassware, electronic consumer goods and FMCG products, meant that Barloworld had to change their security and quality control functions.

Process followed:

22All physical guard functions were analysed, and all none “value adding guards” were removed. A total of 6 were removed (3 day & 3 night)

22Cameras were installed over all loading and receiving doors, entry & exit points and high-risk areas.

22A live monitoring control room was set up and TVMS monitoring staff were appointed (Initially 4, 2 night & 2 day)

22Barloworld Logistics trained the TVMS monitoring staffs in QC management.

22Monitoring staff were given radios to keep in contact with Barloworld managers and supervisors

22Audit counts were introduced to verify loaded quantities

22A TVMS monitoring manager was appointed to provide Barloworld management with daily security and incidents reports

22The monitoring manager was also placed in charge of all guards, armed response and tracking units.

22The CCTV system is also used as a training tool (offending employees are shown their wrong doings and the correct procedures are explained to them)


22In one year losses have dropped from 0.1% to 0.027% some R5M

22Fragile damages reduced from 6% to 1%

22Productivity has jumped up by 12%.

Scott Erasmus the GM of Barloworld Logistics explains “We now have a pro-active, workable security and quality system in place that has world class service and backup from TVMS. The results have exceeded all expectations.”